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30'x100'Medical Greenhouses
  • 30'x100'Medical Greenhouses30'x100'Medical Greenhouses
  • 30'x100'Medical Greenhouses30'x100'Medical Greenhouses
  • 30'x100'Medical Greenhouses30'x100'Medical Greenhouses
  • 30'x100'Medical Greenhouses30'x100'Medical Greenhouses
  • 30'x100'Medical Greenhouses30'x100'Medical Greenhouses
  • 30'x100'Medical Greenhouses30'x100'Medical Greenhouses

30'x100'Medical Greenhouses

Interior light deprivation greenhouses are built to produce reliable sealed greenhouses for year round cultivation. 30'x100'Medical Greenhouses are sealed with minimal outside air exchange for reduced exposure to Wind, Pollen, Pesticides, Ice Storms, Hail, Dust Storms, and other yield reducing external. Cultivation takes place inside along with the light deprivation system.

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Product Description

30'x100'Medical Greenhouses

1.Product Introduction of 30'x100'Medical Greenhouses

30'x100'Medical Greenhouses total solution  includes layout and design , Hot-dip galvanized framework, Covering system, Ventilation system, Automatic blackout system, light include layout and control, Intelligent IoT Control System

and so on. QiJun is founded on principles of creative comprehensive and effective solutions to the agricultural industry.


We have been committed to hydroponics vertical farm and green house for many years, covering most of the European and American markets. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner


2.Product Parameter (Specification) of Medical green house

Standard configurations

Optional configurations

1. layout and design

1. Cooling pad with fans

2. Hot-dip galvanized framework

2. Heating system

3. Covering systerm

3. Shading system

4 Ventilation systerm

4. Irrigation system, etc

5.Automatic blackout systerm


6 light include layout and control


7 Intelligent IoT Control System



3.Product Feature And Application

The greenhouse builder you can truly rely on to realise all your wishes! Greenhouse  is widely used in the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and flowers. It can provide the conditions of suitable illumination, moisture and temperature, raising the output and resisting the natural disasters. It can bring forward or backward the provision, remitting the contradictions of provision and demand.

4.Product Details

The green house is an intelligent control system and a detection system, a lighting system, a carbon dioxide supply system, a fertilizer distribution system, a hydroponic system, and a display system connected to the intelligent control system.


Green house  of the present invention can not only meet the needs of plants the requirements of mineral nutrition, water and air conditions, and also have the ability to control and adjust these conditions, so as to promote the growth and development of crops, complete the entire life cycle normally, and the cultivated plants are green and environmentally friendly.

Extreme  weather can be hazardous to your yields, and in many cases cause severe crop loss. 

Qijun 30'x100'Medical Greenhouses focuses on four areas to guarantee your cultivation success:

2.3 OD structural tubing & 3″square trussing for reinforced framing.

10 mil string reinforced poly tarps protect against hail and ice storms, while maintaining 85%+ light diffusion.

Sealed design for complete atmosphere control.

Insulated white metal end walls increase light diffusion and completely seal your environment. Man door included.All 30'x100'Medical Greenhouses are pre-drilled and pre-manufactured to minimize construction costs. Our Interior light dep greenhouses are 30′wide and range in 3 lengths: 60′, 80′, and 100′.

Using automated blackout system, and supplemental lighting you can harvest 3-5 times a year. Using our sealed design, the quality of cultivation allows for near, or similar results to indoor operations.

Automated Interior Blackout Greenhouse Kit

•90MPH Wind Rated

•40LB Snow Load Rated

•2.3mm (13 Gauge) Steel

•10 ml String-Reinforced Clear Poly

•Fire-Retardant Blackout Curtains

•Channel/Wiggle wire

•End Wall Framing

•White Metal End Wall


5.Product Qualification

Our green house  strategic markets are the United States, Canada and Europe. All the Products have complied with local certification requirements, such as ETL, CETL,CE,ROHS  etc

6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving


If you need our green house , please kindly send us more details, the delivery time needs to be negotiated.

Lead Time:



Est. Time(days)


To be negotiated


We can ship the our products by sea


we can provide a full set of vertical farm and green house  .

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